Benjamin McLarty

Benjamin McLarty

Benjamin McLarty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Benjamin McLarty, Ph.D.

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Ben McLarty is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Rowan University. His research interests intersect at the crossroads of micro topics and entrepreneurship and include individual differences, personality, job performance, new venture formation, and family business. Ben has published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice, Family Business Review, Journal of Small Business Management, Human Relations, Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of Business & Psychology among others. He is also active with multiple professional organizations including AOM, SMA, USASBE, and FERC while also reviewing for numerous peer-reviewed journals and serving as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Small Business Management. He serves on editorial boards for Family Business Review, the Journal of Business & Psychology and Group and Organization Management. He enjoys traveling, meeting interesting people, and being an active member of the academic community. He is also passionate about watching college football, listening to podcasts, and spending time with his friends and family. 


  • Ph.D., Business Administration, Louisiana State University
  • M.B.A., Oklahoma State University
  • B.S., Oklahoma State University

Honors & Awards

  • ICSB Mini-Globe Award Winner for Excellence in Family Business Scholarship (2023)
  • K. Michele (Micki) Kacmar Volunteer of the Year Award from the Southern Management Association (2021)
  • Southern Management Association Best Reviewer Award for Health Care/Hospitality Management/Public Administration (2021)
  • Top 100 Reviewer, Journal of Small Business Management (2020)
  • Family Enterprise Research Conference Best Poster Presentation Award for “The impact of socioemotional wealth on the relationship between the dark triad of personality and family firm employee job performance” (2018)
  • Editor Commendation Award from the Journal of Business & Psychology (2016)
  • Southern Management Association Best Doctoral Paper in Organization Theory/International Management/Management History Track for “The fire under the gridiron: Resource dependence and NCAA conference realignment” (2016)

Recent Publications

McLarty, B.D., Hornsby, J., & Liguori, E. (2023). Advancing entrepreneurial mindset: What do we know and where do we go? Journal of Small Business Management, 61(1), 1—11. doi: 10.1080/00472778.2022.2140809

Medina-Craven, M., Ostermeier, K., Sigdyal, P., & McLarty, B.D. (2023). Moving beyond the Big Five: New developments in personality research in the 21st century. Journal of Management History, 29(2), 276-304.

Pathki, C.S., Kluemper, D.H., Meuser, J.D., & McLarty, B.D. (2022). The Org-B5: Development of a short work frame-of-reference measure of the Big Five. Journal of Management48(5), 1299-1337.

McLarty, B.D., Whitman, D.S., Kluemper, D.H., & Tao^, S. (2022). An identity and reputation approach to understanding the Dark Triad in the workplace. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 43(3), 524-545. doi:10.1002/job.2569

McLarty, B.D., Skorodziyevskiy^, V., & Muldoon, J. (2021). The Dark Triad’s incremental influence on entrepreneurial intentions. Journal of Small Business Management.

Carr, J., Vardaman., J., Marler, L.E., McLarty, B.D., & Blettner, D. (2021). Psychological antecedents of decision comprehensiveness and their relationship to decision quality and performance in family firms: An upper echelons perspective. Family Business Review, 34(1), 33-47.

McLarty, B.D., Muldoon, J., Quade, M.J., & King, R.A. (2021). Your boss is the problem and solution: How supervisor-induced hindrance stressors and LMX influence employee job neglect and subsequent performance. Journal of Business Research, 130, 308-317.

Quade, M.J., McLarty, B.D., & Bonner, J.M. (2020). The influence of supervisor and employee bottom-line mentality on Leader-Member Exchange and subsequent employee performance. Human Relations, 73(8), 1157-1181.

McLarty, B.D., Vardaman, J.M., & Barnett, T. (2019). Congruence in exchange: The influence of supervisors on employee performance in family firms. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 43(2), 302–321.

McLarty, B.D., & Holt. D.T. (2019). A bright side to family firms: How socioemotional wealth importance affects dark traits-job performance relationships. Family Business Review, 32(4) 378-395.