Assurance of Learning

Assurance of Learning

Entrepreneurship Learning Goals & Objectives

Program Goal 1

Graduates will be able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and devise appropriate responses.

Learning Objective Methods
Students will assess the viability of entrepreneurial opportunities. Feasibility Studies
Students will understand customer needs in order to set financial targets. Student-Designed Surveys and Market Research Analysis
Students will develop skills in utilizing online information sources Student-Generated Lists of Potential Referees and References
Students will understand what motivates entrepreneurs. In-Class Exercises and Test Questions

Program Goal 2

Graduates will be able to transform new ideas into wealth-creating new ventures.

Learning Objective Methods
Students will apply business concepts in real-world settings. In-Class Project Reports and Accumulation of Activity Points
Students will know how to help a business grow. Business Plans

Program Goal 3

Graduates will be able to communicate persuasively to important stakeholders in order to cultivate social and financial capital.

Learning Objective Methods
Students will communicate persuasively orally. Oral consulting project reports
Students will communicate persuasively in writing. Project reports and presentations

Program Goal 4

Graduates will adhere to the highest legal, ethical, and professional standards.

Learning Objective Methods
Students will honor entrepreneurial ethical and legal responsibilities. Written consulting project report
Students will value academic integrity. Implement Rowan Academic Integrity policy