Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Research Fellows

The Rowan Entrepreneurship Research Fellows Award Program aims to facilitate new research partnerships between Rowan entrepreneurship faculty and a global, interdisciplinary, network of scholars. Each year up to three fellows are selected, each of whom are awarded financial support and access to Rowan's entrepreneurship research resources. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis to 

Program Goals

This program aims to:
  • stimulate new, collaborative research projects between Rowan faculty and a diverse set of scholars, including those from non-business disciplines or locations outside the U.S.
  • support the development of high-impact research targeted toward publication in leading entrepreneurship journals
  • facilitate the publication of work on topics of strategic interest including: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial orientation and resilience, entrepreneurship under conditions of adversity, social and/or sustainable entrepreneurship, and the intersection of entrepreneurship and public policy. 

Prior Research Fellows


  • Stjepan Srhoj, University of Split


  • William McDowell, Texas State University
  • Josh Bendickson, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


  • Grant Wilson, University of Saskatchewan
  • James Vardaman, University of Memphis


  • Wendy Chen, Texas Tech University
  • Ileana Maldonado-Bautista, Baylor University
  • Shelby Solomon, University of West Florida


  • Devika Banerji, Purdue University
  • Daniel Lee, Rice University
  • Prateek Shekhar, University of Michigan 


The SIE Research Fellows program has been highly successful in stimulating new research, including publication in elite journals and work that spans disciplinary boundaries. Publications resulting from the program include:

  • Muldoon, J., Davis, P., Bendickson, J., McDowell, W., & Liguori, E. Paved with good intentions: Moral disengagement and social entrepreneurship. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, in press.
  • Wilson, G. A., & Liguori, E. (2022). Market orientation, failure learning orientation, and financial performance. Journal of Small Business Management, 1-19.
  • Solomon, S., Bendickson, J. S., Liguori, E. W., & Marvel, M. R. (2022). The effects of social spending on entrepreneurship in developed nations. Small Business Economics, 58(3), 1595-1607.
  • Shekhar, P., & Bodnar, C. (2020). The mediating role of university entrepreneurial ecosystem on students' entrepreneurial self-efficacy. International Journal of Engineering Education, 36(1A), 213-225.
  • Dominik, M. & Banerji, D. (2019). U.S. community college entrepreneurship educator practices. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 26(2), 228-242.