Creatives 230

Creatives 230

Supporting student collaborations of creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs

Creatives 230 is a student-led, interdisciplinary experiential learning lab connecting creatives with entrepreneurs and innovators within the Rowan community that recognized among AACSB's Innovations That Inspire for 2024Creativity allows us to view and solve problems, make unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas and fosters new ways of thinking. To be creative, a person must be able to come up with new ideas. To be innovative, they need to put these ideas into action.

Located in Business Hall 230, Creatives 230 bridges the gap between business and creative art, allowing students to collaborate, learn and mutually benefit from knowledge and experience gained.

With an emphasis on CREATIVE collaboration, the space offers:

  • Portfolio, brand and project consulting
  • A hub for student supported collaborations between creatives & entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated art space in Rowan’s stARTup Gallery
  • Various workshops open to all students throughout the semester

“Entrepreneurship isn't just for business majors, it's a mindset that is crucial for artists and creatives in today's competitive landscape." - Jenny Drumgoole, Assistant Professor of Photography and Creatives 230 Faculty Advisor

Interested in learning more? Email or stop in to Business Hall 230. 

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