Experiential learning at Saxbys. A revolution in education, fueled by a rave-worthy menu. 

The Saxbys at Rowan University's College of Business is an Experiential Learning Platform (ELP) cafe helmed by a Student Cafe Executive Officer (SCEO) that oversees a team of peers and all cafe operations while earning an undergraduate degree. Everything at this cafe is crafted for students, by students!

Saxbys is a certified B Corporation founded by Nick Bayer in 2005. In 2015, Saxbys launched the ELP to introduce exclusively student-run cafes to university campuses, complementing classroom learning with tangible, real-life experiences. The ELP is founded on the belief that young people should be empowered and prepared to mold the business movement of the future. 

Opened in January 2022 at Rowan University, the cafe is located on the first floor of Business Hall and was the first Saxbys ELP Cafe in New Jersey. Run entirely by over 35 students, the cafe provides in-depth entrepreneurial opportunities that supplement their classroom learning. “Team development and managing people is a big part of my job," said inaugural SCEO Melody Wozunk (Management '22). "The Experiential Learning Platform prepares students really well. The whole point of the ELP is to develop leaders…to develop managerial skills in students.”


Saxbys Founder & CEO, Nick Bayer, visited Davos, Switzerland in support of the World Economic Forum's Platform Initiative "Shaping the Future of The New Economy & Society: Education, Skills, and Learning." Nick had the opportunity to sit down and share how The Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform continues to provide real-world education for tomorrow’s leaders.

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Meet the Student CEOs at Rowan University

 Melody Wozunk, SCEO Fall '21Juliana Mason, SCEO Spring 2022Esha Banga, SCEO fall 2022Jeana Alesiani, SCEO Spring 2023

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