Eric Liguori

Eric Liguori

Eric Liguori, Ph.D.
Founding Head, School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Eric Liguori, Ph.D.

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Dr. Liguori is Founding Head of the School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Rowan University where he also holds the William G. Rohrer Chair of Entrepreneurship and serves as Executive Director of the Rowan Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Liguori is an active angel investor, with three companies currently in his portfolio, and he serves on the $25M Rowan Innovation Venture Fund screening committee. His research interests include entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial competency development, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Liguori has authored or co-authored 7 books and more than 65 peer reviewed journal articles in leading outlets including Journal of Management, Small Business Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business Research, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, and International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research. Liguori and/or his work have also been featured in major media outlets including Inc., Forbes, USA Today, and U.S. News and World Report. Liguori is a Past President and Fellow of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), the largest professional association in the world dedicated to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. He serves as Managing Editor of Journal of Small Business Management and was the Founding Executive Editor of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy. 


  • Ph.D., Entrepreneurship, Louisiana State University
  • M.B.A., University of South Florida
  • B.S., Human Resource Management, Florida State University 

Honors & Awards

  • United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship's 'Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year' (2023)
  • ICSB Global Excellence Award for ‘Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Education’ (2022)
  • ROI-NJ Higher Education Influencer Honoree (2022)
  • New Jersey Bright Idea Award for Research Impact (2022)
  • ICSB World Congress Best Paper in Women Entrepreneurship (2022)
  • USASBE Justin G. Longenecker Fellow (2021)
  • Emerald Literati JSBED Outstanding Reviewer Award (2021)
  • Rohrer College of Business Alumni Advisory Council Award for Scholarly Achievement (2021)
  • Top 100 Reviewer, Journal of Small Business Management (2019)
  • New Jersey Technology Council Innovator to Watch (2018)
  • USASBE Ray Smilor Distinguished Service Award (2017)
  • USASBE Special Recognition for Innovative Entrepreneurship Education (2017)

Recent Publications

Kraus, S., Breier, M., Lim, W.M., Dabić, M., Kumar, S., Kanbach, D., Mukherjee, D., Corvello, V., Piñeiro-Chouse, J., Liguori, E.W., Marqués, D.P., Schiavone, F., Ferraris, A., Fernandes, C., and Ferreira, J.J. (in press). Literature reviews as independent studies in business and management: Guidelines for academic practice. Review of Managerial Science.

Solomon, S., Bendickson, J. S., Liguori, E. W., & Marvel, M. R. (2021). The effects of social spending on entrepreneurship in developed nations. Small Business Economics, 1-13.

Liguori, E. W., El Tarabishy, A., & Passerini, K. (2021). Publishing entrepreneurship research: strategies for success distilled from a review of over 3,500 submissions. Journal of Small Business Management, 59(1), 1-12.

Khanin, D., Turel, O., Mahto, R. V., & Liguori, E. W. (2021). Betting on the wrong horse: The antecedents and outcomes of entrepreneur’s opportunity regret. Journal of Business Research, 135, 40-48.

Ogundana, O. M., Simba, A., Dana, L. P., & Liguori, E. (2021). Women entrepreneurship in developing economies: A gender-based growth model. Journal of Small Business Management, 59(1), S42-S72.

Santos, S. C., Nikou, S., Brännback, M., & Liguori, E. W. (2021). Are social and traditional entrepreneurial intentions really that different?. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.

Levy, M., & Liguori, E. (2021). Algorithms and venture investment decisions: better, fairer or biased?. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.

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Liguori, E., & Winkler, C. (2020). From offline to online: Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship education following the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 3(4), 346-351.

Pryor, C., Holmes Jr, R. M., Webb, J. W., & Liguori, E. W. (2019). Top executive goal orientations’ effects on environmental scanning and performance: differences between founders and nonfounders. Journal of Management, 45(5), 1958-1986.